Your best multi-crops seed ally for farmers in search of performance

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With 2,000 employees in 16 subsidiaries, 8 European production sites and 17 research stations, Lidea designs and offers innovative, customised, sustainable multi-species and multi-brand seed solutions to create added value for producers all year round. Today 6 million hectares are sown with Lidea varieties.


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EURALIS Semences and CAUSSADE Semences Group formalised their alliance on 1 September 2020 by creating Lidea. By building on their complementary strenghts in terms of species, research, industrial tools and markets, the alliance of two companies aims to achieve leadership in certain species in winder Europe (Ukraine and Russia).

Value chain

Player of the entire value chain : from breeding, to seed production in the field, and marketing of finished products.

Multi-species expertise

Multi-species products (maize, sunflower, cereals, rapeseed, fodder crops, service plants, soya, sorghum, pulses) with shared and complementary expertise on certain crops.


Historically based in the south-west of France, with strong developpement throughout Wider Europe, Ukraine and Russia.


Strong shared human values. Lidea grows people’s skills by bringing together its employees to work on innovative projects and attracting new talent.

Key figures

2000 employees

350 million euros in turnover

45,000 hectares of production across 5 countries

17 research stations across Europe

More than 30 million euros devoted each year to industrial and R&D investments

8 production sites in France, Romania, Ukraine, Spain, and soon in Russia


At a time when agriculture is experiencing dramatic changes, the seed business is taking on a new dimension. Our creativity and ability to innovate must be put to work solving many more issues than in the past. We must be able to think differently about seeds to help agriculture respond to all of its challenges.

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By investing in the future, Lidea is focusing on research and development in order to offer seeds and personalised services that meet farmers’ expectations in terms of economic profitability as well as environmental constraints. With our solid roots in every aspect from lab to harvest, Lidea is able to be highly innovative, responsive, and offers sustainable solutions. Growers, our employees, our partners, our suppliers, society and the environment expect us to make a positive contribution to the economy, society and the environment.


Lidea offers innovative solutions to meet the new challenges facing farmers. By uniting EURALIS Semences and CAUSSADE Semences Group, Lidea capitalises on the expertise and experience acquired over more than 80 years.


She contributes to the development of “collective intelligence”. Teamwork, mutual assistance, the pleasure we have in working together and the need to find solutions together to meet tomorrow’s environmental, societal and economic challenges.


Lidea is close to its employees, customers and partners. The historical roots of the 2 entities composing it ensure that it has the knowledge, empathy and willingness to act to meet the expectations and needs of its ecosystem.

Operational excellence

A true pillar of Lidea’s culture, is practised on a daily basis at each of our subsidiaries, production sites and research centres. This value aims to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements in terms of quality, services, costs and deadlines.


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Lidea’s priority. To this end, we focus on developing close relationships with our customers, harnessing our creativity and innovative potential to meet their needs by offering customised, sustainable solutions with high added value.

Innovation and technology

The key to Lidea’s success is its ability to provide a high-performance flow of varietal innovations and solutions that meet the needs of the agricultural sector and growers across the globe. The heart of Lidea’s innovation in research lies in the introduction of major tools that have been developed using new technologies and predictive methods.

Corporate social responsibility

Lidea provides sustainable solutions that meet growers’ expectations and take into account social, societal and environmental challenges.

Digital transformation

Lidea is investing in its digital transformation by creating a strategic plan for its information systems and digital technology that generates value for employees, clients and partners.

International presence

Internationalisation is a strategic growth lever for Lidea. Already one of the top 10 seed companies worldwide for field crops, Lidea’s presence stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural mountains thanks to its 2,000 employees. Today, Lidea has more than 16 subsidiaries, 8 production sites, 17 research facilities and distributes its seeds in 48 countries.


Pierre Pagès

Pierre Pagès
Chairman of Lidea's Board of Directors

Board of directors

For Pierre Pagès, Chairman of Lidea's Board of Directors, "we are confident in the future of the new entity.
Indeed, the factors that are key to success are all here: proximity, the ability of the teams to collaborate effectively, their creativity and, more generally, operational excellence".

Pierre Flye Sainte-Marie

Pierre Flye Sainte-Marie
Chief Executive Officer of Lidea

Executive Committee

For Pierre Flye Sainte-Marie, Lidea's Chief Executive Officer, "with better geographical coverage of relying on solid partnerships, Lidea aims to become one of the key players on the international market in which it operates. The challenges to be taken up are numerous and exciting; they create a positive dynamic and are a source of motivation for the existing teams.

Organised into 3 BUs (business units), France, Europe and East, in close relationships to its customers, Lidea creates and innovates to meet their needs by offering them customised, sustainable solutions with high added value.