Since 1975, Lidea soybean research brings better varieties in yield and proteins for each climatic zone in Europe and for each market segment FEED and FOOD. Our numerous research stations and trial locations all over Europe allow us to select the best varieties in yield, proteins but also lodging, diseases and pod opening tolerances for each climatic area.
soybean Lidea bag


Here, you can consult full range of Lidea' varieties.

When choosing Lidea soybean range, it’s the guarantee to cultivate certified seeds. The use of certified seeds is becoming essential for farmers who want to make profits. In fact, more and more consumers want to eat vegetable proteins. The demand is increasing so it’s creating a big increase in soybean surfaces.

But it’s not the only reason, nowadays the consumers request animals to be fed with non-GMO  soybean meal. The soybean must be origin-controlled and fully traceable from the farm to the plate.

That’s why certified seeds provide many advantages to produce the best soybean:

  • A guaranteed germination & emergence
  • A guaranteed purity
  • A strict control of weeds and diseases
  • A full traceability for consumers & industries
  • A genetic progress & many soybean crop innovations