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Corn, an ideal crop of replacement

February 16, 2024

Corn, an ideal crop of replacement

This season, unpredictable weather conditions have made seeding traditional cereals difficult, if not impossible or will be destroyed, due to establishment problems for many of you. Faced with these challenges, we present corn as an advantageous replacement crop.

Here's why corn is an ideal crop in these circumstances:

  • Climate tolerance:  Corn thrives in a variety of climatic conditions. Thanks to genetic innovation, it can also adapt to water-limited conditions or extreme heat, enabling it to withstand the uncertainties of the weather.
  • Sowing flexibility: With a wider seeding window compared to spring cereals, and a wide range of earliness, corn allows a rapid adaptation to changing weather conditions.
  • Stable yields: Lidea corn varieties offer high and stable yields, ensuring an abundant and profitable harvest like LID1015C, LID2020C, LID2210C, MYLADY.
  • Sustained demand: Maize is a crop with a constant demand in the market, providing solid commercial opportunities for farmers due to anattractive market price.
  • Soil health and rotation benefits : By including corn in their rotation, farmers can better manage insect, disease and weed pressure. Growing corn will this allows a lot of dry matter (crop residues) to be incorporated into the soil, which will raise the level of organic matter in the long term.

By choosing corn as a replacement crop, you're opting for a resilient and profitable solution, ensuring the success of your farming operation despite climatic challenges.

For more information on our corn varieties adapted to your needs, contact us.