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Lidea, the Ideal Partner for Efficient Nitrogen Management in Rapeseed Farming

March 4, 2024

Lidea, the Ideal Partner for Efficient Nitrogen Management in Rapeseed Farming

In modern agriculture, the pursuit of effective and sustainable solutions is more crucial than ever. Among the myriad challenges facing farmers, efficient nitrogen management in rapeseed cultivation is key. It is within this demanding context that Lidea has innovated to come up with a nitrogen efficiency solution offering farmers a path to profitability. “Given that nitrogen is a farmer’s biggest expense, Lidea has been integrating nitrogen efficiency in its breeding scheme for years, and here are the results” explains Anthony Rodrigues E Silva, WOSR Technical Development Manager at Lidea. 

Rapeseed, with its specific nutritional requirements, requires particular attention to nitrogen management. Nitrogen plays a fundamental role in plant development, directly influencing yield and seed quality. A nitrogen deficiency compromises yield potential, while an excess compromises the margin. 

This is where Lidea sets itself apart as the preferred partner for farmers keen to optimise their rapeseed production. Through a holistic approach to nitrogen management, Lidea offers rapeseed varieties, such as LID TEBO and LID INVICTO, selected for their higher nitrogen use efficiency after winter. These elite varieties make the most of every available unit of nitrogen.

This solution is the result of a 10-year breeding program. Thanks to 3 years of R&D trials on 1,500 plots across 7 locations in Europe, we have been able to ensure that it corresponds as closely as possible to farmers’ conditions.

With the collaboration of Lidea’s breeders and statisticians and by leveraging the latest advances in genetic selection, Lidea provides farmers with high-performance seeds, adapted to local conditions and capable of maximising yield potential throughout Europe.   

However, Lidea’s commitment to nitrogen efficiency goes beyond variety selection. Lidea also offers fertilisation management solutions and personalised agronomic advice, enabling farmers to make informed decisions throughout the cropping cycle. This is a complementary solution to the PACK SYMBIO, enabling farmers to reduce nitrogen inputs in the spring by making use of the benefits of plant cover crops.

By combining innovation, expertise and agronomic advice, Lidea positions itself as the ideal partner for farmers seeking to address the challenges of modern agriculture while ensuring long-term success. Within Lidea research, we strive to make sure that our solutions support farmers from sowing to harvesting.

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