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The main selection objectives are: productivity, resistance to diseases and climate stress, fatty acid profile and oil content, protein content. Lidea offers a large range of products and solutions in line with the industry outlets driven by societal expectations to guarantee maximum profitability for growers.

Lidea sunflower bag

Lidea is one of the largest sunflower breeders and producers in the world. With a market share of over 15% and more than 3 million hectares of Lidea sunflower seeds sown each year, we have one of the largest sunflower research programmes, constantly introducing new innovative varieties to the market. We test up to 8,000 hybrids each year, giving Lidea the most comprehensive range of varieties in each market segment. The main goals of varietal selection are: productivity, resistance to disease and climate stress, and yield quality (fatty acid profile, oil and protein content). 

By choosing sunflower seeds from the Lidea farm, you obtain plants with an excellent yield potential. Our varieties are characterised by high quality features, such as early vigour and very good health.


1. Method of herbicide protection

Among Lidea's sunflower range you will find conventional sunflower varieties (like ES Bella, ES Savana, ES Agora, etc.), sunflower varieties with the Sulfo - ExpressTM segment for resistance to sulfonylureas (ES Aromatic SU, ES Ceylon SU, ES Argentic SU, etc.), and sunflower protected by Clearfield® and Clearfield® Plus (ES Genesis CLP, ES Janis CLP, ES Belfis CLP, ES Oasis CLP, etc.). Clearfield® varieties are protected with Pulsar® and Pulsar® Plus.  

2. Precocity

Lidea offers a wide range of sunflower with varying precocity, from very early to late, suitable for all Europe, Ukraine and Russia. The harvest date, depending on the variety and the country, is from August to mid-October. Lidea sales teams are available to accompany you in choosing the right moment for harvesting. In this phase, grain moisture will be around 9%, to ensure the lowest losses. All our varieties are very well suited to the European climate and perform well. Lidea sunflower plants create a strong root system and a strong stem, ensuring high lodging resistance. They are also disease resistant.  


3. Type of oil

Sunflower seed contains up to 50% fat. The fat profile of sunflower seeds always includes linoleic acid, but some varieties also contain oleic acid. You can also choose the sunflower variety according your needs and outlets:

  • Linoleic, containing linoleic acid (e.g., ES Bella, ES Ceylon SU, ES Oasis CLP, etc.)
  • HOLL or high oleic, containing oleic acid (e.g., ES Idillic, ES Aromatic SU, ES Emeric CLP, etc.)

Linoleic varieties are widely used in gastronomy and cosmetology, while oleic varieties are used to extract oil for high-temperature frying and baking.



OR MASTER ®: Lidea is the market leader in Orobanche resistant varieties,  available under the OR MASTER® brand. 

MILDEW MASTER ®: Discover our label bringing together sunflower varieties  selected for areas infested with downy mildew.  

Watch our sunflower varieties being sown in one of our breeding stations.