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As one of the leading European seed companies in the international market, we work in proximity to our ecosystem, creating and providing customised and sustainable multi-crop seed solutions that generate added value for producers throughout the year.

Lidea offers farmers more than 60 crops, with more than 500 varieties of corn, sunflower, cereals, rapeseed, soybean, sorghum, pulses, forages and plant cover. Lidea develops varieties that are carefully adapted to the needs of farmers and the various outlets (high nutrient concentration, oil-rich, protein-rich, etc.). 

This diversity of seeds enables each farm to optimise its profitability and increase its yields. The Lidea range makes it possible to set up intercropping and crop rotations suited to your agronomic and economic objectives.

With an annual investment of more than 34 million euros in research and development, Lidea offers a complete and differentiated range of seeds to meet the new challenges facing farmers and societal expectations. Lidea provides a wide range of solutions for high-quality food and feed, whether through conventional or organic farming, or to meet the challenges of new markets such as bioenergy.

Discover our range of products and innovative solutions.