Sunflower - BOOST & GO

Lidea launches an innovative approach to preserve the genetic potential of Lidea sunflower varieties at early vegetative stages: Boost & Go.

New solution BOOST & GO is an association of four cumulative action modes, operating at different times to preserve the genetic potential during early stages.

The first mode is crop protection, where Lidea want to help the plant during germination and emergence stages.
The second mode of action is related to a proper provision of the right nutrients. In BOOST & GO, Lidea have added a combination of essential nutrients for the early stages of sunflower growth. In this way, we are boosting emergence. 

Then there is the biostimulant mode of action. This was added to the mix to activate plant metabolism for early vigor and biomass development.
And last but not least, grains have a very specific coating. This new approach provides a better repartition of the products around the seeds, and provides more security for the user and guarantee a perfect homogeneity.