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Climate change, seed treatment regulations, weeds, bird and insect attacks, and many other factors can severely impact the development of the sorghum plant at its most vulnerable vegetative stages.

The BOOST & GO for sorghum combines four cumulative action modes, operating at different moments to preserve the plant's genetic potential during early stages.

The first mode is crop protection from biotic stress, to help the plant during the germination and emergence stages.

The second mode concerns the provision of the right nutrients. In BOOST & GO, Lidea has added a combination of essential nutrients for the early stages of sorghum growth to boost emergence: tryptophan, methionine, acreciactiv, molybdenum, cobalt, and organic carbon.

The biostimulant mode has been added to activate plant metabolism for early vigour and biomass development.

And last but not least, seeds have a very specific coating. This new approach ensures that the products are better distributed around the seeds and offers greater security for the user, and guarantees perfect homogeneity.