1st ready-to-use blend to fight against pollen beetles

PROTECT solution is a ready-to-use blend that combines two rapeseed varieties, with approximately 93% of the main variety and 6% ES ALICIA. This blend is made possible by the inclusion of 1% clover.
ES ALICIA is the earliest rapeseed variety on the market. It has the particularity of flowering about 7 to 10 days before the other varieties to combat pollen beetles. Pollen beetles are attracted to the ES ALICIA flowers and therefore do not attack the main Hydrid.

ES ALICIA acts as a natural trap. This biological control method avoids the need for insecticide treatment by providing protection to the user as well as the auxiliary insects, which by playing their role as pollinators, improve your yield.*

PROTECT innovation therefore makes it possible to control crop pests in a sustainable way by reducing the use of plant protection products.

PROTECT innovation can be used in all types of seed drills. This innovation improves the sustainability of your rapeseed crop while securing your yields and making your work easier.

*PROTECT solution is effective in conditions of low to medium pressure (5 to 7 beetles per plant on the variety of interest). In this case, treatment is necessary.