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Lidea sorghum, an answer to the agricultural challenges of tomorrow

July 26, 2022

Lidea sorghum, an answer to the agricultural challenges of tomorrow

With episodes of drought in Europe, sorghum stands out for its remarkable resistance. This crop has many advantages and sectors, such as for animal feed, have been created throughout Europe.

Find the testimonies of François Lacôme, farmer in France, Laszlo Balogh, Crop Manager in Hungary and industrial managers telling us about the advantages of sorghum in the feed of poultry, ducks and pigs : 100% mycotoxins free, high production index and a better margin for producers and the importance of good cultivation practices for yield performance and stability.

Sorghum offers considerable benefits for agriculture in climate change situations where water resource management is crucial.
It is not a thirsty crop and is therefore suitable for mediumdeep, non-irrigable land where it is difficult to grow corn. It can therefore be an additional crop in rotation on 85% of the world’s cultivated land that is not irrigable. In addition, sorghum has strong resistance to pests (Diabrotica, nematodes, etc.) and diseases, and consumes on average 30% fewer inputs than corn.

The development of sorghum cultivation areas throughout Europe provides security for the trade between all actors in the sector. Increased use of this cereal in animal feed facilitates the establishment of a reference price. 

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