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OBJECTIVE: Inoculate with care and with high quality inoculants

All plots must be inoculated even if soybean has already been grown on them. This will optimise yield and protein content. Inoculation must be carefully carried out because bacteria and seeds are fragile and can be damaged by heat and sun.

3 ways to inoculate soybean with Rhizobium bacteria:

  1. Buy certified seeds which have been pre-inoculated in seed factories (e.g. Hi-Coat Super, Rhizoliq LLI, Opti mize 400, etc.).
  2. Mix certified seeds with peat or liquid inoculants (e.g. Hi-Sti ck/Force 48).
  3. Use microgranular inoculants.

For more information, download our soybean technical guide: click here.