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Sowing management

  • Choose a well-drained field and apply a herbicide to eliminate all weeds (including grasses).
  • Cultivate to achieve a fine, even seedbed, with no compaction layers.
  • Choose high-quality, certified seed. Certified alfalfa varieties promote a better germination rate and establishment, better dry matter production, and better pest and disease resistance.
  • Dry soils. Avoid sowing alfalfa seed into dry soils. Sow early in dry areas to ensure seedlings have adequate moisture for successful establishment.
  • Plant alfalfa no deeper than 2 cm. Optimum soil depth is 6 - 12 mm on clay and loam soils and 12 – 20 mm on sands.
  • Sow at 20 - 30 kg/ha.

For more information on when to sow alfalfa (sowing date) and sowing depth, download our calendar guide: click here.