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On 1 September 2020, Euralis Semences and Caussade Semences merged to create Lidea, an international seed company. Lidea inherits more than 80 years of expertise and experience and is thus equipped to become the best multi-crop seed partner for farmers seeking to improve their performance.

Lidea history

Lidea has been firmly rooted in the South-West of France since 1936, and benefits from a strong European network of 16 subsidiaries spreading from the Atlantic to the Urals. All our sales teams are deployed on the European continent as close as possible to our customers and markets to ensure proximity and develop trust. An international development team builds partnerships beyond the European continent. Today, Lidea varieties can be found across all 5 continents and are sold in 48 countries.

Lidea inherits agronomic and industrial expertise gained from a strong Research and Development network established throughout Europe, to innovate in the production of very high-quality seeds capable of responding precisely and appropriately to all growing conditions.


1936: Creation of the Adour Basin wheat cooperative, which will become Euralis
1950: Euralis is the first company to undertake a private research programme on corn seeds
1958: Creation of the agricultural cooperative for seed drying and conditioning (SICA SCS), which will become Caussade Semences SA
1973: Research programme on non-GMO sunflower and soybean
1975: Becomes a certified seed breeder in straw cereals
1983: Launch of a rapeseed breeding programme
1989: Market development in Europe (Germany, Belgium...)
1997: Becomes a shareholder of Biogemma, a French plant biotechnology company (which becomes Innolea in 2019)
2001: Creation of the GIE (Economic Interest Grouping) ACTISEM, with two other partners, for the marketing of straw cereals
2002: Consolidation of sunflower research activities with the acquisition of Rustica
2003: Membership of the Economic Interest Grouping GRASS (breeding of grasses and forage legumes)
2004: Acquisition of the research activity of straw cereal breeder SOGROUP
2007/2016: Market expansion across Central and Eastern Europe with sites in Spain, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia
2009: Creation of Eurosorgho, the first sorghum research programme in Europe
2020: on 1 September, merger of CAUSSADE SEMENCES and EURALIS SEMENCES and creation of Lidea