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As a forerunner on the world seed market, Lidea invests more than 34 million euros each year in Research and Development to offer a comprehensive and differentiated range of high added value solutions for farms practising conventional or organic farming. R&D ensures a flow of ever more efficient genetic and varietal innovations to meet the needs of farmers and markets, while taking into account the environmental dimension.

Lidea strives for customer satisfaction by developing close relationships, listening to farmers’ needs, providing them with tailor-made solutions and personalised alternative methods, but above all by supporting and advising them throughout the crop cycle.

Our agro-solutions are multi-crop, high-performance and adapted to the diversity of crop rotations, land types and sectors. They meet the economic and social expectations of farmers and their partners. Lidea offers the following seeds: corn, sunflower, cereals, rapeseed, soybean, sorghum, forages and pulses.

To complement this offer, Lidea proposes a wide range of plant cover and service plants, a veritable agronomic toolbox dedicated to the sustainable expression of crop potential. Plant cover, sown before the crop is grown, protects and enriches the soil while preserving the health and parasitic condition of the plot. Service plants, sown within the crop, make an eco-systemic contribution by helping to reduce inputs and thus secure the harvest.

With its holistic approach, Lidea is decidedly the best partner in multi-crop seeds at the service of farmers.