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Lidea seeds are prepared for marketing at 8 production sites in France, Spain, Ukraine, Romania and Russia. To offer you the best seeds resulting from our Research, Lidea is supported by a network of multiplying farmers with a high level of technical expertise. In total, nearly 47,000 hectares are planted every year in 9 countries. Agronomic technicians and engineers monitor the multiplication areas.

Lidea’s objective is to offer high quality seeds, guaranteeing full traceability to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lidea relies on high-performance top-quality laboratories, located as close as possible to the industrial facilities, which enable us to guarantee quality from the harvest and throughout the industrial process up to the bagging of seeds.

In conformity with ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) rules, Lidea ensures full traceability of samples by analysing germination, crop purity, count, moisture and diseases. The laboratories are also responsible for carrying out molecular biology analyses (varietal purities and traits, detection of the unintended presence of GMOs) and chemistry analyses (proportions of dust and active ingredients) of all our international productions. This involves at least 6 stages of checks, with a strict monitoring plan to be applied at each stage. These plans are specific to each crop and include a total of 26 types of analysis.