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Collaboration contributes to the development of “collective intelligence”: teamwork, mutual assistance, the pleasure we have in working together and the need to find solutions together to meet tomorrow’s environmental, societal and economic challenges.

Lidea relies on collective Intelligence, developing synergies with its partners and employees to pool expertise in research, industrial tools and marketing.

By anticipating farmers’ needs and working collaboratively, Lidea has become a pioneer in seed breeding to offer varieties that are precisely suited to their needs. Lidea is committed to developing competitive research in applied genomics and varietal selection. This cutting-edge knowledge makes it possible to offer farmers new varieties with improved agronomic qualities, particularly in terms of plant resistance to diseases and crop pests.

Lidea is involved in research programmes of international scope to propose innovations in varieties with high added value, through the following programmes:

SOLTIS, one of the world’s major breeding programmes, Lidea offers farmers a comprehensive range of sunflower seeds in all market segments: linoleic, oleic, Clearfield®, Clearfield® Plus, organic.

INNOLEA, Lidea contributes to the varietal improvement of oilseed and protein crops by promoting their adaptation to stressful environmental conditions.

GIE (Economic Interest Grouping) GRASS, Lidea works on the best varietal composition to produce balanced, high-quality fodder for livestock feed.

EUROSORGHO: In 2009, Lidea built the first sorghum research programme in Europe through its subsidiary EUROSORGHO. The company is constantly innovating with this crop by creating hybrids adapted to new outlets.