Hi Corn is the combination of two hybrid varieties with complementary precocity to increase the number of days for pollination and thus reduce the risk of hot weather affecting the viability of the pollen. More pollen guarantees better fertilisation and therefore more grain per hectare.

Crop losses caused by heat waves and drought have tripled over the last fifty years in Europe. To address global warming and drought, Lidea offers Hi Corn. 

This innovative solution combines two complementary varieties to sow at the same time which allows to secure flowering, a critical period in the development of a corn plant. 

Sowing two different corn varieties reduces risks resulting from variation of pedoclimatic conditions and loss of pollen viability by extending the pollination period. Increased pollen ensures fertilisation and guarantees yield increase for farmers.

The hybrids proposed in the Hi Corn solution have different maturity combinations, adapted according to earliness and other characteristics such as lodging tolerance, grain drydown, etc. to meet farmers’ needs.