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The soybean certified seeds

March 10, 2022

The soybean certified seeds

When choosing the Lidea soybean range, it’s the guarantee to cultivate high quality certified seeds and develop soybean crops in the long term.

The use of certified seeds is becoming essential for farmers who want to make profits. The consumer’s demand is increasing so it is creating a big increase in soybean surfaces. Nowadays the consumer's request animals to be fed with non GMO soybean meal. That is why, the soybean must be origin-controlled and fully traceable from the farm to the plate.


With certified seeds, farmers can notice a notable yield increase, estimated to be up to +4 to 6 q/ha which easily allows a return on investments from using certified seeds. His yield increase is explained by numerous years of research and development to create efficient varieties, a guaranteed germination allowing a better emergence, an absence of weeds and a cost saving in the germination
and non-GMO analysis.


Certified seeds generate profits from a high quality professional sorting equipment which preserve the fragile soybean grains. To be certified, the soybean seeds have to contain less than 0,3% of inert materials different than soybean broken kernels (pieces of stem, leaves) to limit propagation of fungus.
This sorting allows to remove dangerous weeds and control diseases presence, eliminate unsanitary batches, ensures good seed density and excellent emergence in order to optimise the potential of your field.


Finally, farmers save time and effort during the sowing period. In fact, soybean certified seeds may be pre-inoculated in factories to preserve germination thanks to a homogeneous inoculum application on seeds.

You now have plenty of reasons to choose certified seeds to produce a high quality soybean:

  • a guaranteed germination and purity.
  • a strict control of weeds and diseases with 0% of invasive weeds seeds like Cuscuta, Avena…,
  • a full traceability and respect of seed legislation to meet industrial needs,
  • a genetic progress and many soybean crop innovations thanks to near 50 years of breeding experience.

Farmers who are using Lidea certified seeds are very satisfied by the benefits.
When do you start using Lidea certified seeds?