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Lidea soybean varieties for food

April 27, 2022

Lidea soybean varieties for food

These 5 varieties are the leader varieties in Europe for food segment thanks to a very high protein content and yield, big kernels and ideal food processing profiles.

  • ES Comandor: The earliest one! The new leader for Northern Europe in Feed & Food.
  • ES Compositor: The n°1 in yield with yellow hilum and big kernels!
  • Isidor: N°1 LIDEA variety sold for Human Food with an excellent proteins content and yield but also a good sclerotinia and lodging tolerance.
  • ES Mentor: N°1 variety sold in Europe with an excellent yield, proteins content and a good lodging tolerance.
  • ES Warrior: The new Group 0 leader in High Proteins  with about 45% for Food. This variety is a new Food standard in official trials in Hungary.

These varieties  have a excellent early vigor and disease tolerance that it is confirmed with excellent results in official trials all over Europe.

Lidea uses the very latest laboratory technologies in order to speed up genetic progress. These technologies support a wide field testing across Europe. Our numerous research stations and trial locations all over Europe allow us to select the best varieties in yield, proteins but also lodging, diseases and pod opening tolerances for each climatic area.

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