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Introducing POWER by Lidea: Precision Farming with Flawless Seeds

February 12, 2024

Introducing POWER by Lidea:  Precision Farming with Flawless Seeds

Sowing is undeniably the keystone of the corn growth cycle, where the foundation for maximum yield is laid. At this moment the number of plants, the first vital yield component, is determined. The number of seeds, their precise positioning, and plant count cannot be overstated. To obtain the best results, farmers invest in cutting-edge planting machinery. Nevertheless, the seed characteristics and variances in their caliber can drastically limit equipment capacities. To harness the full potential of planters and, consequently, maximize yield, farmers must ensure the ideal number of plants – a mission now made possible with Lidea's POWER seed.


In agriculture, spring sowing is synonymous with a race against time. In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, farmers face perennial challenges during this critical season. Factors like unpredictable weather conditions leading to short sowing windows, require sowing fast and saving maximum time. Today, Lidea is changing the game with the launch of POWER – seeds that unlock the full potential of your planting equipment. These seeds allow farmers to accelerate their sowing speed when conditions permit and not waste time adjusting the seeder.    

Lidea's POWER seed is meticulously crafted through a comprehensive industrial process, from the selection of varieties to size, TKW (Thousand Kernel Weight), the addition of a fluency agent, and accompanying services. The objective? To achieve unparalleled sowability – the ability of a seed to sow efficiently, with regular spacing between grains, without missing or doubling.

With POWER, sowing becomes a precision art. Farmers can match their sowing speed with equipment capabilities and field conditions, eliminating the need for compromises between speed and precision. This revolutionary seed empowers farmers to optimize sowing schedules, reduce adjustment time, and maximize yield potential by ensuring every seed planted becomes a productive plant.

Traditionally, farmers face uncertainty when purchasing seed units, as each bag may contain seeds with distinct characteristics. Adjustments to maintain precision become time-consuming and complex. With POWER, uniformity in seed size, shape, and TKW (Thousand Kernels Weight) is prioritized, leading to quicker, hassle-free adjustments and reduced downtime.

Unlike seed companies that recommend slower sowing speeds, Lidea's POWER offers a groundbreaking solution, eliminating the need to compromise between speed and precision. Rigorous testing has shown that POWER seeds maintain their performance even at higher speeds, thanks to their uniformity and the inclusion of fluency powder.

Lidea has conducted extensive tests in collaboration with renowned seed drill manufacturers such as Monosem, both in the lab and the field. 

“During our one-day trial, we had the opportunity to share our respective expertise, MONOSEM as a manufacturer, and LIDEA as a seed company. Our common objective is to highlight the various means that can be used to increase our customers’ productivity. The initial results on the repeatability of seed placement using our new ValoTerra seed drill and LIDEA’s Power concept are highly encouraging!” - says Titouan Lamotte, product validation technician at Monosem. 

Thanks to our loyal clients, we have also conducted more than 100 tests around Europe on farms with highly satisfying results:

“So Lidea proposed POWER, which provided the most precise distance between seeds I’ve ever experienced and above all enabled me to gain speed when seeding with precision seed drills. POWER seeds give me that speed and my investment is well worth it”, - Jean-Luc Joanchicoy, a farmer from Serres Castet, France. 

These rigorous tests ensure that POWER consistently meets the uppermost standards.

With POWER, you can unleash your seed drill's full potential, without sacrificing speed or precision. Join us in embracing the future of precision farming with POWER by Lidea.