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November 26, 2021

Let's see how the market situation has evolved since the last two weeks. Please find the complete newsletter enclosed. 

 Oilseed complex:

The Covid situation and crude oil price movements are punishing fuel, including rapeseed-based biodiesel, but prices are still very high. Crush and esterification margins in the rapeseed sector are still good which is continuing to stimulate demand, as shown by October’s crush activity in Europe which was still good. Given the supply, the market is still therefore seeking to ration [demand]. It is the same scenario for US soya whose domestic consumption is rising in light of the crush margins. Furthermore, the stability of oils is now one of the factors underpinning seed prices.


Cereals complex: 

Cereals are at record prices when expressed in euros, yet international demand is still buoyant. When expressed in dollars/t (which is still the main trading currency), however, prices are still a long way off their all-time highs. Given this ongoing demand, there are still some doubts about supply, which is likely to underpin the market in the short term.