The oilseed market is still extremely volatile

February 4, 2022

The oilseed market is still extremely volatile

Let's see how the market situation has evolved since the last two weeks. Please find the complete newsletter below. 

Oilseed complex

The weather has improved in recent weeks but the rain has arrived too late to improve soya production potential to any significant extent. Malaysia’s palm oil production is also a cause for concern and prices have been breaking record after record over the past few weeks. Lastly, stability is still the order of the day for rapeseed prices – their fundamental tightness is still running high at global level.

Cereals complex

Even though financial traders have been buying as the tension mounts between Ukraine and Russia, this is not enough to allow prices to remain high. Furthermore, as soon as news about this situation dries up, prices automatically decline. The weather in Argentina and Brazil is still uncertain and could once again rock the boat.