The latest seeds trends with Agritel & Lidea

June 10, 2022

The latest seeds trends with Agritel & Lidea

Oilseed complex:

The rationing of the demand for vegetables oils, falling crush margins and the bearish mood seen across all the agricultural markets have put oilseed prices under pressure in recent weeks. At the same time, the good performance of crude oil prices could nonetheless underpin prices with the period of weather market still to come.

Cereals complex:

Cereals are declining sharply because of the Kremlin's announcements although the level of uncertainty remains high. This is because the operational side of exporting grain via the Black Sea is still up in the air, as are Russia's request to lift sanctions. Even though geopolitics have been blowing hot and cold recently, the weather is still being monitored. Between the drought affecting Brazil's maize, Europe's spring barley, and too much moisture in the northern USA and Canada, vigilance is still the order of the day.