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December 24, 2021

Read the latest market trends about agricultural commodities

Summary of agricultural trends for the past two weeks

Oilseed complex:

The oilseed complex is extremely volatile and must be monitored closely. Uncertainty about the Covid situation and the spread of the omicron variant in Europe are causing major price fluctuations. The first signs of weakness are already there on both crude oil and vegetable oil prices. Rapeseed prices are holding their own, underpinned by fundamentals that are still tight. Sunflower seed is still firm, thanks to good demand.


Cereals complex:

The end of the year is invariably conducive to profit-taking by many traders. Furthermore, traders are concerned by the increasing tension between Algeria and France and the OAIC’s refusal to buy French wheat. This season, however, global supply remains low which leaves no margin for weather issues. Incidentally, there are increasing concerns about the weather, which should bring stability to all markets in the medium term.