Discover the seeds trends and developments with Agritel and Lidea

December 10, 2021

Discover the latest seeds trends and developments with Agritel and Lidea

Let's see how the market situation has evolved since the last two weeks. Please find the complete newsletter enclosed. 

 Oilseed complex:

The Covid situation is still with us but the fundamentals are gradually regaining the upper hand. With no slowdown in growth and the economy due to Covid, the situation remains tight for the oilseed sector. The situation for soya, which has been comfortable thus far, could gradually tighten and the market does not need a production incident in South America. Volatility remains very much present in a nervous oilseed complex.


Cereals complex: 

The bullish run has ended and whether or not prices will return above the €300/t mark on Euronext is a legitimate question. Even though the fundamentals explain the current firmness, financial traders played their part in last month's bullish run. Concerns about global growth are resurfacing, however, and encouraging the funds to cut back. The end of the calendar year is also a time for adjusting positions, encouraging traders to be cautious.