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June 29, 2022

The latest seeds trends with Agritel & Lidea

Oilseed complex

The rapeseed complex is struggling. After rapeseed meal eased in Europe, it is rapeseed oil’s turn to drive the complex down. Furthermore, the fundamentals are easing with better production elsewhere in the world. The lack of support from the sunflower market is not helping and the pressure from palm oil is increasing with the resumption of exports from Indonesia. Only the soya market is still firm in Chicago, but it is not underpinning Europe's rapeseed market.

Cereals complex

The bullish trend has been breached for cereal prices which are suffering the wrath of the global economy, which itself is faltering as a result of galloping inflation and bringing pressure to bear on all the markets. We should not forget the fundamentals, however, with the balance sheets still tight, or the situation in Ukraine which is far from improving. The start of the harvests in the northern hemisphere should provide some answers in the very short term.