flowerbud stage of a sunflower
  • Trace-elements (boron,...): 80% of needs are between the 5 pairs of leaves and flower bud stages. The contribution makes it possible to increase yield by up to 10 quintals and to increase oil content by 5 points.
  • Nitrogen fertilization: sunflower is a plant that does not require much nitrogen. It is therefore possible not to use it in deep soils in the absence of winter leaching. In other situations, 60 units are sufficient to cover the needs of the crop, 80 units in the case of high potential and in soils with low mineralization.

      Nitrogen requirements are between the 5 pairs of leaves stage and the start of flowering:

 - Applying it too early (before 8 leaves) causes excessive vegetative development that it is not favorable in water stress situations and could accentuate the development of phomopsis.

-  Applying it too much could result to a drop in oil content, risk of lodging and an increase in diseases (sclerotinia, botrytis,...).

- No effect of nitrogen fertilization on High Oleic acid content.

  • Fungicide control: it is possible to plan fungicidal interventions to protect the crop face to some diseases (phomopsis, phoma,...).

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